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N O M I N A T I O N    P R O C E S S 

The nomination cycle for the 

9th Annual Avidity Awards



Nomination Submissions are open to Avidity Recording Academy (ARA) individual voting members only.

(Click here to join the Avidity Recording Academy - ARA)


Submissions for nomination consideration are completed by active individual voting members of ARA.


Once the submission period closes, each submission will be reviewed by the Eligibility Committee (EC) to ensure that nomination eligibility requirements for each candidate are satisfied. Once the (EC) determines that the candidate meets eligibility, the submission will be put forward to the Nomination Advisory Board (NAB) for final nomination consideration.


Independent label reps, management company reps, public relations reps who are active individual voting members of ARA are especially encouraged to submit their artists for nomination consideration, however, any person who is an active individual voting member of the Avidity Recording Academy (ARA) is eligible to submit a candidate for nomination consideration.




Music/Artists/Producer/Engineer Award Categories



The Avidity Recording Academy NAB will choose Official Nominees for the Avidity Awards using various criterion, including but not limited to:


1.  Is the candidate for nomination a member of ARA?

2. Number of nomination submissions received

3. Prominence of the candidate's social media presence

4. Single and album sales (music nomination submissions)

5. Number of Streams on digital music stores (music nomination submissions)

6. Amount of radio airplay (music nomination submissions)

7. Has the candidate made the Top 30 of any of the 2023 Avidity Radio Airplay Charts (music nomination submissions)


NEW for 2024: For music nomination submissions, we check to see if the nominee has or worked on a song that has appeared in the Top 30 on any of the 2023 Avidity Radio Airplay Charts. 


After the NAB makes its nomination selections per category, the nominations will be certified and the Top 5 eligible candidates will become the official nominees. If a specific category doesn't produce a minimum of 5, then the category will be listed with whatever number of nominees remaining. If there are not at least 3 nominees in the category, that category may be withdrawn by the NAB for the current year. After nominee certification, the nominees will be notified via available contact information on file with ARA and via their social media pages if available to us. We make every attempt possible to reach each nominee, however, it is the nominee's responsibility to inform us of the correct contact information by submitting a contact information update form. You can access the contact information update for by clicking here.




We ask that our nominees acknowledge ACCEPTANCE of their nomination by way of our nomination acceptance form. If the nominee doesn't accept their nomination within the two-week acceptance period, another nominee may be selected as a replacement prior to our virtual nomination announcement.



The Official Nominees will be announced via live streaming event via Avidity Awards Facebook page and website on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 7pm CST/8pm EST.  Go follow us on Facebook at

VOTING ROUNDS  (MAY 1, 2024 - JULY 31, 2024)

After the official nominees are announced, the Voting Round will begin. Voting in this round has THREE PHASES and will be counted as part of determining who the winner in each award category will be:



MAY 1, 2024 - MAY 31, 2024 - (1/5 of the Final Vote)

Phase One of voting is for the PUBLIC and accounts for one-fourth (1/5) of the total vote score. After the official nominees are announced, they will appear on a public ballot which will be loaded on our website under the "VOTE" tab. Only one vote per person is allowed. All duplicate or multiple votes will be discarded and not counted.


JUNE 1, 2024 - JUNE 30, 2024(1/5 of the Final Vote)

Phase Two of voting is for ARA MEMBERS ONLY and accounts for one-fifth (1/5) of the total vote score. Active ARA members will receive a password protected ballot via email. Only one vote per active ARA member is allowed. All duplicate votes, multiple votes, or votes from inactive or Non-ARA members will be discarded and not counted. To join ARA, click here.


JULY 1, 2023 - JULY 31, 2023 - (1/5 of the Vote)

Phase Three of voting is for ARA Executive Team only and accounts for one-fifth (1/5) of the total vote score. ARA Executive Team Members will receive a password-protected ballot via email.



Once the VOTING ROUND concludes, the votes from all three phases will be counted for each category. For each of the three phases, the 5 nominees will be given points ranging from 1 to 5 (1 being the nominee with the highest amount of votes and 5 being the nominee with the lowest amount of votes). Each nominee's points will be totaled from all three phases, and the nominee with the LOWEST score (lowest in this instance is the highest vote getter) will be designated the winner.

20% - GENERAL PUBLIC VOTING ROUNG (Results of General Public voting accounts for 1/5  (20%) of the final score)

20% - ARA MEMBERS VOTING ROUND (Results of voting by ARA Members accounts for 1/5  (20%) of the final score

20% - ARA EXECUTIVE TEAM VOTING ROUND (Results of voting by ARA Executive Team accounts for 1/5  (20%) of final score

20% - NOMINEE'S ARA MEMBERSHIP (Nominee MUST be an ARA Member in order to get this 1/5  (20%) of final score added

20% - AVIDITY AIRPLAY CHART - If Nominee appeared on the Top 30 of any 2023 Avidity Radio Airplay Chart, they will receive this 1/5  (20%) of final score added



The winners in each category will be announced at the 9th Annual Avidity Awards in Chicago on Friday, November 1, 2024.

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