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Uptown Theater

120 E. Main Street

Grand Prairie, Texas 75050


EVENT HOURS: The hours of the event are (Red Carpet) 6:00pm - 7:15pm. (Main Show) 7:30pm - 10pm. 


SET UP TIME: ​Vendors are permitted access to the venue to setup at 5pm and will have an hour to setup before the Red Carpet festivities begin. The show concludes at 10pm and vendors MUST be completely packed up and out of the building no later than 10:30pm.


WHEN DO VENDORS HAVE ACCESS TO ATTENDEES? ​Our vendors have access to attendees at the moment our guests, presenters, performers, hosts, and staff arrive at the venue at 6pm and you will have access to them throughout the evening up until 10pm. 


HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND? ​This year, we anticipate an on-site audience of 400 and 50 personnel/staff. In previous years, our attendance ranged from 300-500.


HOW MANY VENDOR TABLES WILL BE AVAILABLE? Vendors are allotted space for only one (1) table that is the standard 6 feet in length, unless you purchase additional space (Maximum of 2 Spaces). If you'd like for TEGMMA to provide you with a table, you must specify that at the time you reserve your vendor space with your $150 payment for the vendor service fee. If you are providing your own table, please refer to the required dimensions specified in our Sponsorship & Vendor Opportunity Packet, and note that the vendor service fee of $100. 


TABLE DIMENSIONS REQUIREMENT: If you opt to have TEGMMA provide you with a table, it will be these specific dimensions: Overall Width: 30 inches, Overall Height: 29-1/2 inches, Overall Depth: 72 inches. If you are providing your own table, it MUST follow these same dimensions. Failure to comply may result in denial of setup without refund.


OTHER: Please note that if you opt for TEGMMA to provide you with a table or if you provide your own table, we will not provide any linens or other table dressing. This will be the responsibility of the vendor. ALL VENDOR TABLES MUST BE DRESSED WITH A BLACK TABLE CLOTH.

Vendor Space for the 4th Annual Key of Gospel Awards

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