2020 Contact Info and Update Form

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2020 official nominees and honorees! The winners in each category will be announced at the 5th Annual Key of Gospel Music & Ministry Awards on Thursday, October 1, 2020. The following form is for all PERFORMERS, NOMINEES, and PRESENTERS for this year's show. Please complete the appropriate fields. Once we have received your updated contact information and all required collateral (photos, music, artwork, etc) you will be contacted by our team via e-mail with all pertinent details relating to this year's show.

**PLEASE BE ADVISED that you must either ACCEPT or DECLINE your nomination on the form below. All nominees who have not completed this form by September 10, 2020 will be considered to have declined their nomination(s). We require this information in order to appropriately plan for your arrival/participation and to ensure that all pertinent information relative to the upcoming show are disseminated to you in a timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation with this process and thank you for your feedback!